How can you use surveys?

  • In your e-mail newsletter, survey your readers at the end of each issue to find out their opinions. This allows you to focus more on the "hot" topics in the future, and discard those that don't rate highly.
  • If you're doing corporate training or consulting, run "360 degree" feedback surveys for organisations.
  • Use it to research key clients to find out their biggest challenges and concerns
  • Conduct market research for your own products and services
  • Conduct surveys on-line rather than on paper, so that it saves time and money collating and analysing the results.


Sue-maree surveys clients before making a sales appointment.

Picture 1

Anne surveys audience members before making a presentation.

Picture 2

Sue-maree also uses this module to get audience feedback after an event.

Picture 3

What's in our system?

  • The software runs on our Web server, so there is no installation required at your end.
  • Our "quick survey" module allows you to create a quick feedback survey in less than five minutes.
  • Our more detailed survey module allows you to create more sophisticated surveys.
  • You can create as many surveys as you like.
  • The surveys are hosted on your Web site, so they can use your branding, colours, logo, etc.
  • Survey results are e-mailed to you as they are done, so that you can monitor the results as they are coming in.
  • Download the survey results to Excel at any time, so that you can perform detailed analysis.

How does it work?

We provide you with a detailed User Guide that helps you in:

  • Planning the survey
  • Creating survey pages on your Web site
  • Linking to our survey software
  • Testing the survey
  • Downloading results

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