Self-Assessment Quizzes

You can engage your site visitors by providing interactive multiple-choice quizzes on your site.

How can you use a quiz?

Here are some examples:

  • Educational assessment: Present some material, and then follow it with a quiz so that students can assess their own understanding of the material.
  • Sales qualifiers: Ask potential customers to rate themselves and, based on the results, direct them automatically to relevant information. By giving them a quiz where they rate themselves, if they score poorly, it gives them more incentive to buy your products.
  • "Magazine quizzes": This covers a wide range of self-assessment quizzes, such as personality tests.


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What's in our system?

  • The software runs on our server ... so you can add it to any Web site, regardless of your Web server. In fact, even if your Web server doesn't allow CGI scripts, you can still use the software.
  • Create an unlimited number of quizzes ... so you can create them for different topics, different levels of detail, even specific quizzes for different clients.
  • Add, delete and change quizzes at any time ... so you can make changes immediately and at no further cost.
  • Add quiz links to any page of your Web site ... so you can promote different quizzes throughout your site.
  • Add passwords to selected quizzes ... so you make them available only to, say, a particular audience group or people who buy access.
  • Deliver your training assessments right to the students' desk ... so they save hundreds - sometimes thousands - of dollars and time in putting together a face-to-face training course.
  • Daily and weekly backups ... so your quiz results are kept safe.

How It Works

We provide a software package that allows you to create as many quizzes as you want, and to place them on your site.

How a quiz works

  • Each quiz contains a number of multiple-choice questions, which are presented to your site visitors.
  • For each question, you can either nominate the single "right" answer to that question (this is typical for quizzes that test knowledge), or you can assign a score to each of the answers (this is more common for "magazine-style" quizzes).
  • When the user submits their answers, the software automatically calculates their total and displays it.
  • Optionally, you can choose what text to display for each answer. For example, if this is the correct answer, you might have some additional information as well. Or if it's an incorrect answer, you might provide a reason why it's incorrect or a hint to help them get the correct answer.
  • You can also display some text at the end of the quiz, depending on the person's score. This can be done by score ranges - e.g. If they score from 1-10, display certain text; if they score 11-20, display other text; and so on.
  • The software can compare the user's score with the average score of other people who have done that quiz, and you can choose to show a graph showing this comparison.

Recording results

Some quizzes are for the user's benefit only. However, in other cases, it's useful for you as the Web site owner to have a record of the user's answers.

So the quiz module allows you to have the results saved automatically to a file, which you can then import into a software package such as Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Restricting access

Optionally, you can assign passwords to quizzes, so they are not available for general use. For example, some of our clients sell access to the quizzes, and when a customer buys the product, the client gives them a password to use the quiz.

The password system is very flexible:

  • You can assign one password to multiple quizzes, so that you can give somebody access to many quizzes with just the one password.
  • You can also assign different passwords to one quiz, so that you can give out unique passwords to different people.
  • Optionally, each password can be for a limited number of uses, and it will stop working after it has been used that many times.
  • Alternatively, you can also set an expiry date on the password.

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