G'day Down Under

Create Your Own Australian Cards!

Create your own cards to send to a friend by e-mail. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a greeting from our collection.
  • Choose a picture to brighten up your card.
  • Choose a style of paper for your card.
  • Type a message for your friend.
  • Send the card!

Site Not In Use

Unfortunately, our Web host no longer supports the software required for us to provide this service, so we have closed it indefinitely.

An alternative greeting card site is Blue Mountain.

What People Say

"Just a quick note to say how very impressed I am with your greeting card service. It's great to see an Australian site providing world class electronic greeting card services."
--- Joanne

"I must say that this is one of the best sites for sending electronic cards. Well done! and continue to show the rest of the world how to do it!"
--- Coral

"How nice. I just got a pen pal in Australia thru the internet and just sent the first card to her. This is great - thank you thank you."
--- Sheryl

"As I said, what a great site! Only trouble is it is the only Aussie site I can find for cards and I'm sending them all over the world, I am soon going to run out of pictures!"
--- Keryn

"Hi...I mean, "G'DAY!" Just visited your site, and after having searched for like 15-20 minutes, I finally found a spot that had "CONGRATULATIONS!" on their cards! I love this place!!! I like the fact that I can choose the paper! That blew me away. I'll definitely be back. Keep up the good work."
--- Cindy

"This is a very nice pick me up!! when you want to get the point across. Thank you ever so much."
--- Dianne

"Thanks for the great site here. Luv the pictures."

"Just love your cards! Just what I was looking for this Christmas to send to my overseas friends."
--- Sylvia

"This has been the best card sending program i have ever tried, thank you for making it so refreshingly easy."
--- Diosa

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