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G'day Australia

Start each day with G'day Australia, a FREE service from First Step Communications!

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Your free G'day Australia Morning Paper gives you access to ...

  • Australian and world-wide news, sport, comics and weather.
  • Entertainment and leisure in your State - TV, radio, movies, and more.
  • Your favourite tools for searching the Internet.
  • Up to 20 links to your own favourite Web sites.
  • Humorous and inspirational quotations every day.

And it's all FREE right here with G'day Australia.

If you want more information, read more about G'day Australia. You can look at a sample Morning Paper here.

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What People Say

"Wow!! This is just what I needed in my life!! Thank you for giving me the easiest link to home!"
--- Vanessa

"As a native-born Aussie, who has not been back in a LONG time, this is VERY exciting! Thank you for the service!"
--- Meg

"You have made my life a little happier. Love all of Australia."
--- Charles

"Just used your site for the first time, It was very easy and nice. Thanks."
--- Jody

"NO BRICKBATS, MATES! Just much thanks for allowing me to visit my adopted homeland whenever I want to."

"I got my first G'Day morning paper and laughed so hard that it made the rest of my day go easier - I have to work today and really did not even want to look at this computer. After reading the 'toons, I can now work with a good conscience. Great Job - Please continue!"

"What a great idea, I have made it my homepage and will be recommending you in my club's newsletter."
--- Keryn

"I have recently moved to america to be with my wife and miss australia current events and stuff HEAPS. and have so enjoyed your service.... helps me feel a bit less homesick on occassion.... still miss vegemite tho sigh.."

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