Editing Your Site

Many Web site owners fall into the trap of thinking that creating their Web site is the end of the journey. It's not - it's only the beginning.

To operate a successful Web site in the long term, you must be able to update it yourself, easily and at low cost.

Why is this important?

  • It allows you to make instant updates, so that you can respond quickly to changes in your business and the market.
  • Doing the updates yourself reduces the reliance on your Web designer, saving you money and delays.
  • When doing market testing, you might have to change a page every week or even every few days, and you must be able to do this quickly and easily.
  • You can quickly create client-specific pages for key customers, thus enhancing your relationship with them.
  • You control the site content, so that you can adapt it as required.
  • Most importantly, you can grow your site as your business grows, rather than allowing your Web site to fall behind and become out of date.

Why use our system?

Your Web site includes a "content management system", or CMS. That's just a fancy way of saying you can change your site at any time, and as often as you like, for no charge.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Make as many changes as you like, so you can edit, test and repeat as often as you like.
  • Add new pages at any time, allowing you to keep expanding your site.
  • You don't have to be a Web designer. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use this system! You make changes using an "HTML editor", which allows you to write your text in, say, Microsoft Word, and paste it directly into your Web site.
  • Insert pictures anywhere on a page to add visual appeal
  • Add links between pages on your site, and to external Web sites
  • You don't require any special software. We give you a password into a special administration area of the Web site, so that you can log in using your normal Web browser.

You can even change the overall look of the site (colour scheme, menu buttons, header and footer of each page, and so on). However, unless you're an experienced designer, you're better off leaving this alone or asking somebody with Web graphic design skills to make these changes.

How does the system work?

After you log in to the administration area of your site, you can browse around to any page, and you'll see an Edit Page button:

Choose this and then you'll be able to use a simple word processor - similar to Microsoft Word, but a simpler version:

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