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As an information expert, you have lots of expertise. Would you like to know how to turn this into higher speaking fees, lower costs, and less time on the road?

By packaging your expertise into on-line courses, you can deliver it to your clients over the Internet. Our CourseBot software can help you gain maximum leverage from your expertise.

"Life By Design got an amazing 2000% return on investment in 6 months from all the enhancements you did to our Web site. Thank you - we are excited about the future with you."
-- Ian Hutchinson, Lifestyle Strategist, Life By Design

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CourseBot is part of our Web site plug-ins package. Find out more about it here.

What's In It For Me?

  • The software runs on our server ... so you can add it to any Web site, regardless of your Web server. In fact, even if your Web server doesn't allow CGI scripts, you can still use CourseBot.

  • Subscribers receive their e-mail messages automatically ... so you write the material only once, and after that it all happens without your intervention.

  • Create an unlimited number of courses ... so you can write courses on different topics, different level of detail, even specific courses for different clients.

  • Control the frequency of the messages ... so you can send messages at weekly intervals, monthly intervals, or any other interval that you think is most appropriate for students to digest the course material.

  • Send messages at irregular intervals ... so, for example, you can send a follow-up message six months or a year after the course ends.

  • Personalise the course material with the student's name ... so that the messages seem more personal and intimate.

  • Send messages in HTML format ... so you produce visually appealing messages that reinforce your business image and brand.

  • Subscribers can change to plain text format ... so that even those who don't have HTML access can read the material, and it doesn't take any extra effort on your part.

  • Add subscription forms to any page of your Web site ... so you can promote different courses throughout your site.

  • Add logos and pictures to make your messages more attractive and readable.

  • Subscribers can unsubscribe, change their e-mail address or switch between HTML and plain text, saving you the time and effort of these administrative tasks.

  • All messages sent from our server, so that there is no burden on your server, and the messages don't get blocked by your ISP.

  • Upload existing mailing lists to our system ... so that you can continue to build on your most valuable asset - your database.

  • Download mailing lists at any time into Excel, Outlook or other programs, so that you remain fully compatible with your existing software tools.

  • Add passwords to selected courses ... so you make them available only to, say, a particular audience group or people who buy the course.

  • Check your messages for words and phrases that could be interpreted as spam, so that you increase your delivery rate by eliminating these words.

  • Deliver your training material right to the students' desk ... so they save hundreds - sometimes thousands - of dollars and time in putting together a face-to-face training course.

  • Daily and weekly backups ... so your precious subscriber lists are kept safe.

  • Record of past enrolments ... so you can write to these susbcribers in the future, if required.

  • Organise course subscribers by groups ... so you can see quickly all the subscribers from a certain event or workshop.

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CourseBot is part of our Web site plug-ins package. Find out more about it here.

"Who says you can't make money from a website? My site paid for itself in the first three months. Now every transaction is straight profit!"
-- David Penglase, Professional Speaker and Consultant

How does it work?

CourseBot works with a thing called a course, which is a series of e-mail messages (called units) and a pre-determined schedule for sending them to people who enrol in a course. The enrolment is done by you inserting an enrolment form (which we'll provide for you) on any page of your Web site, inviting people to sign up for a course.

CourseBot allows you to create an unlimited number of courses on your Web site.

"You would be crazy if you didn't use Gihan's CourseBot software. We have over 6,000 people log on receiving emails of information from us every week. For the small investment, I can remember winning one project worth $120,000 that was because we had this software."
-- Keith Abraham, Keynote Speaker - Author - Workshop Presenter

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CourseBot is part of our Web site plug-ins package. Find out more about it here - and you could have it making money for you in a few days!

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